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Funeral Plan Payment Options

We offer a range of different funeral plan payment options. Choose the best option to suit your budget. We offer payment in full, 12 monthly instalments and low cost instalments which are spread over a number of years.

Benefit from Immediate Cover By Paying in Full

If you pay in full, in one lump sum, you will benefit from immediate cover. Your money will be paid into the Golden Charter Trust. When you die, the funds will be released to us to carry out your funeral as agreed.

12 Monthly Instalments​

To help you spread the cost, we offer the option to pay by 12 monthly instalments. The cost will be the same as if you had paid in one lump sum. A small deposit will be payable when you purchase the plan. You can choose how much deposit you would like to pay with the minimum deposit being just £49.

A direct debit will be set up to deduct the monthly payments. You will be fully covered once the plan has been paid off.

Extra information about the 12 monthly instalment payment plan

If you die before all the payments have been made then the remaining balance will be requested from your estate or family. At this stage there is the option for your family to cancel the plan, in which case we will refund all payments made minus a cancellation fee of £249 and the funeral director will keep the initial arrangement fee.

Low Cost Instalments Between 2 - 30 Years

If you are looking to spread the cost over a number of years, then our funeral plan then our low-cost instalment option is a perfect choice.

When you purchase the plan, we will agree on the term length which could be anything from 2 – 30 years. Full cover applies when all payments have been made. We even offer the option of payment breaks after you have completed 12 consecutive monthly payments.

Extra information about the low cost instalment plan

If you die before you have paid the first 12 months instalments, all the money you have paid up to that point, minus the arrangement fee will be returned to your estate.

If you die after 12 months from purchasing the plan but before all payments have been made, the remaining balance will be requested from your estate or family to ensure that your funeral can be fulfilled.

If you stop paying after 12 months your plan will remain in place. When you die, the funeral director will receive the funds paid into the plan, minus a £249 cancellation fee and the arrangement fee, as a contribution towards your funeral costs.

Once I Have Purchased a Plan Can I Cancel?

Cancellation rights are outlined in your terms and conditions. If you cancel the contract within 30 days from purchase, we will refund the payments made against the plan.

If you cancel the contract after 30 days, you will receive a refund of the payments made, minus the cancellation fee of £249. In addition, the funeral director will keep the arrangement fee.

Contact Richards Funeral Services

If you need support, information and advice, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and compassionate team of funeral directors in Aberdare are here to help you through this difficult time. Furthermore, you can contact us any time of day on 01685 878 121, or if you have an out of hours emergency you can contact us on 07775 853 637.

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